Seltz with lemon syrup


Since the nineteenth century Sicilians used to cool off during the hot summer days with non-alcoholic drinks made with citrus syrup (green mandarin, lemon) and  seltzer sparkling water, sold along the streets in the characteristic kiosks, small shops with an architectural structure of Arab origin.

  • PGI lemons from Syracuse
  • citrus from Sicily





For one liter of syrup:

• 500 ml of  10  PGI Syracuse lemons

• 500 g sugar 

• seltzer sparkling water


1.  Wash and squeeze the lemons

2.  Pour the lemon juice into a saucepan and add a quantity of sugar equal to half the weight of the lemons (250 g); light the fire and grate the rind of 2 large lemons.

3. Keep boiling over medium heat for a few minutes, taking care to mix often to avoid caramelizing the sugar. The juice will have to be reduced by half.

4. Remove the liquid from the heat and allow to cool..

5. Filter through a sterile gauze or a narrow mesh strainer.

6. Boil the syrup again for a few minutes (this operation is important to guarantee the perfect preservation of the syrup).

7. Sterilize two 250 ml bottles, letting them boil in water for 20 minutes.

8. Remove the  bottles and caps from the water and pour in them the syrup still hot.

9. Allow to cool to room temperature. Lemon syrup will be stored perfectly for 10-12 months.

10. Add seltzer sparkling water and serve.