Lemon gelo


A fresh and incredibly excellent dessert, tasty in its simplicity. Sicilian "gelo" are delicious puddings made with fresh fruit or water flavored with spices, of ancient popular tradition. A sweet with few calories, to be enjoyed during the hot summer days or at the end of a meal.

  • PGI lemons from Syracuse
  • Sicilian sweets
  • lemon gelo





For 8/10 people:

• 1 liter water

• 350 g sugar

• 10 lemons

• 90 g starch or potato starch

• 100 ml filtered lemon juice


1. Wash the lemons and cut the peel with a potato peeler, avoiding to cut the white part that would give it a bitter taste.

2. Put the peels in a pot of adequate size, add a liter of water and boil for a little over five minutes.

3. Cover and allow the skins to rest for about 6 hours.

4. After this time, filter the liquid eliminating the peels.

5. Pour the liquid obtained into the pot, add the sugar and the starch and mix well, so that it melts perfectly.

6. Add 100 ml of filtered lemon juice.

7. Cook the lemon gelo, stirring constantly, to prevent lumps from forming. It will be ready as soon as you will see the first bubbles.

8. Turn off the heat and pour into the chosen molds.

9. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours and serve.

10. It can be garnished with chopped pistachio or mint leaves.